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Application Form for Jacobs Well Skills Academy


Jacobs Well Schools, Early Childhood Development Centers and the Skills Academy are owned by Jacobs Well Village NPC, a Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 2008 by Pierre and Anke du Toit.

Our Vision: Reclaim the future one child at a time

We believe that we can only fully reclaim the future when we teach, develop, love, nurture, not just feed; if we give as much as would give to our very own, we will see great things: We will see the rise of leaders, athletes, artisans, presidents, preachers, teachers, nurses and more.

Vision & Mission Statement of Jacobs Well Education

In Jacobs Well Education we implement Whole Person Development®: we develop, educate and mentor learners as individuals academically, emotionally and spiritually to fulfil their life callings as responsible, educated and balanced young leaders in society, to serve and transform their communities.

Whole Person Development®

Our definition of a good education is that every learner should be equipped with academic, vocational, creative, personal, emotional, leadership and other life skills to serve in their communities, whether home, workplace or university.


Our skills academy offers accredited Engineering Artisans, Computer Courses, Management Skills, ECD Teachers Training and OHS Courses:

Engineering Artisan Courses


Boiler Making


Technical Drawing

Fitting & Turning

Earth Moving Equipment

Overhead Cranes



Management Skills Training

We offer the full ODETDP Practitioner training. You may build up your credits to obtain a Certificate (SAQA Qualification 50334) and Diploma (SAQA Qualification 50333) that include, amongst others, the following courses (or unit standards):

  • Facilitator
  • Supervisor
  • Assessor
  • Mentor
  • Train the trainer

Management Skills Courses include

  • Organisational Skills Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitate on the Job Training
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Diversity Management
  • Design Quality Management Systems
  • Conflict Management


Pre-School Teacher

Become a qualified Pre-School Teacher by studying for an accredited Early Childhood Development Certificate (SAQA Qualification 58761).  Internships and subsidies are available and volunteers are welcome. You will study with us at our campus for both theory and practical. This will ensure that you, as a student get 100% with us. We will strive until we are perfect. This course qualifies you to become a play school/ pre-school teacher.

After hours classes available
Contact us for further information

OHS Training

  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting
  • Health & Safety
  • Accident & Incident Investigation
  • Traffic Accommodation
  • Lifting Equipment Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  • Fire Marshall



Career counselling

Career counselling is available on the Benoni Campus.

Code of conduct for Jacobs Well Schools

Teachers, mentors and learners should demonstrate the following principles:

  • Courtesy, which is founded in respect for all people, regardless of race, religion, age and status.
  • Pride in oneself and one’s appearance.
  • Pride in his/her contribution and membership in the school.
  • Awareness of his/her role and responsibilities in the school and the community.


We expect Jacobs Well Schools’ learners to:

  • Treat all teachers and mentors with respect and dignity.
  • Be friendly and respectful to fellow students, mentors and visitors.
  • Treat each other’s belongings with the necessary respect.
  • Take care of their personal belongings. Jacobs Well Schools will not be held responsible for personal items that are stolen.
  • Switch off cell phones and MP3-players during study time. Parents are welcome to contact the school in case of emergency.
  • Not use crude or foul language.
  • Be worthy of the trust placed in them.
  • Regarding appearance and behavior Jacobs Well Schools’learners should:
  • Arrive punctually in the mornings.
  • Show pride in personal appearance, to dress neatly in jeans and a t-shirt, to keep hair clean and in neat styles. Girls must wear tops that cover their midriffs.
  • Not use excessive make-up and jewelry.
  • Treat their surroundings with respect – the furniture, equipment, the garden and the toilet facilities.
  • Use the refuge bins for any trash and chewing gum.
  • Respect each other with the use of the toilet facilities and leave these areas clean after use.
  • No smoking is allowed inside or around the building.
  • No use of alcohol allowed.


  • Students are allowed to use the garden area to relax.
  • Students should bring healthy snacks for break to keep their energy levels constant.

The role of parents

True education takes place constantly, regardless of time or place for children learn by what they live. General knowledge, behaviour patterns, respect, gratefulness, orderliness and discipline of the child are the responsibilities of the parent, not the education system. Jacobs Well Schools will endorse and support all of the above while a learner is on our premises. When a learner transgresses Jacobs Well Schools’ code of conduct, we expect the parent to endorse and support us.

We undertake to communicate openly regarding problems experienced by learners. Our teachers and mentors are dedicated and experienced youth workers who have helped many children and their parents. Should a parent have a problem with the mentors of Jacobs Well Schools, we value the same open discussion.

Education Registrations in place (or in process)

Gauteng Dept of Education – CAPS Curriculum

Umalusi – Registered for National Senior Certificates

SACE – Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Department of Mental Health

Local Fire and Health Departments

Department Social Development



Skills Pro


Jacobs Well Schools are multi-lingual and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race or religion.

Contact Us

Dean of Campus
Zaakirah Ismail
Tel. 076 932 7076

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Jacobs Well Education Advisory Board

  • Pierre du Toit
  • Drs Elina Maanselka-Botha
  • Dr Henriette Botha
  • Valerie Worth


Our Experience

Centurion West

Our first school was established in 2008 in Valhalla, Centurion, Pretoria, with 100% Matric pass rate in 2016.

We have qualified Care Workers who, since 2009, take care of some thirty Special Needs children in Centurion West on the R511.

There is also an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre (established 2013) with qualified teachers.

Our literacy class for slow learners started in 2015. Our slow learners get taught practical skills in our 10 vegetable tunnels.

Apex, Benoni

Benoni is our second High School, established in January 2017. This school is on the forefront of alternative, active learning methods.

We also have an ECD Centre called Jacobs Well Little Cubs with qualified teachers and volunteers in the process of being qualified.

Our Jacobs Well Skills Academy, established Jan 2018, offers numerous vocational courses and qualifications.

Jacobs Well School Benoni is located on the R23 route at 162 Range View Road, Apex Industrial, Benoni.


We believe that through education we can be part of the answer to the problems we as a nation face in South Africa. We agree with our beloved Madiba who said:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Together we reclaim the future, one learner at a time.